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On Water

Like a hibernating bat whose dew droplet, disco ball covering insulates it from the cold vastness of its cave
so the ocean and atmosphere protect the planet from turning to permafrost
Consider the atmosphere our amnion; the ocean, the fluid within
And like the liquid cloak of the sleeping bat, our water condensed here

23 Aug 16

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sounds like the way 'tyler' talks on 'secureteam10' on youtube. kind of talking faster than his actual vocabulary can keep up with his actual knowledge. comes off as illiterate.
 — cadmium

had to look that up...annoying
my name is tyler
 — hank

ah new it wuz yew, the way the poem looks like an them there UFO's. : )
 — cadmium

—back then.
 — Known

Where's my soup 2015.
 — Known

hank, tyler is a nice name. that's my cousins name as well.
 — PollyReg

pollums, being into language and all, you'd want to actually hear tyler talk on secureteam, to get the point. considering you've had worse things than that in your ear.
 — cadmium

it won't be long and you'll have us reading nexus...

I've never had anything unpleasant in my ear, by the way
 — PollyReg

henry miller? that 'nexus'. it's kind of unreadable.
 — cadmium

that's a trilogy right? I think I read one of them...sexus maybe...a long time ago and you are right, it was a struggle to get through. No, nexus the magazine. Full of conspiracy.
 — PollyReg

nexus is the reason I stopped using canola oil
 — PollyReg

don't know the magazine, but i do know how tyler talks.
 — cadmium