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Aiming for Superiority

Some form circles
to ban "squares"
from entrance,
shaping egos.

15 Sep 16

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This is not a love song!

John Lydon.
 — unknown

You are correct, it is not a love song.

Are you the "Mr. Lydon"? If so, I am honored.
 — unknown

but of course ;-)
 — unknown

I meant John Lydon the lead singer of the Sex Pistols?
 — unknown

also the lead singer of 'public image limited'. i thought that particular song, and that particular personage, not to mention the name of that partticular band was revelant to this particular social remark.

but i'm him if you want me to be, that's the beauty (and the ugliness) of anonymity.
 — unknown

Regardless of who you are, I appreciate your commentary.  Thank you. :)
 — unknown

Nice poem
 — unknown

Thank you.
 — unknown

is she into poetry now? lololol
welcome to the club
 — unknown

 — unknown

 — unknown

Thank  you for commenting, Unknowns
 — unknown