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puncture wound

one time i stepped on a rusty nail
because my big brother's friends asked me to
next time i stamped on a rusty nail
was very much my own doing
i'm positive
learn't about the same thing from both

2 Nov 16

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language is 'all story' no?

once we know 'the truth' we stop having one

...and that's sad for a writer, tragic.

https://youtu.be/iyFNKalC-N Y

good poem, grumps. 8.
 — PollyReg

place is a graveyard, yo
 — PollyReg

And another song by some of the same Australian people.

https://youtu.be/dhpsNjn0kK E

It's us Hank! You and me, Australian Rock Scene.

LOL, no just kidding. It 'really' reminds me of my Dad....heh.

Everything is symbolism for me at the moment. Thus, poems are getting songs. Apart from the moderator, y'all seem to like it better than my critiques, anyhoo.

Its all very confusing. You want 'play' and yet, you don't.
 — PollyReg