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Dear america

Dear america
I m a disaster.  I m a nasty man. I truly am i did not know that until now.
I m sorry Canada built a wall to keep Americans out.
I m sorry my tax returns showed massive profits from business with putin assange and  mugabe.
I m sorry i jailed hillary and her husband.  She is a fighter.
I am sorry putin  invaded syria and iraq and owns estonia georgia and the middle east.  He told me he was impressed with me and laughed  at my jokes.
I am sorry there are no mexicans left to build my buildings and clean my hotels.  yes that's a stereotype but a true one.
I m sorry chris christie is a supreme court justice and over turned roe vs wade.  But baby ripping is not good.
I m sorry ben carson  as surgeon general mandated brain surgery and shock therapy for all gays and atheists.
I m sorry i let everyone have a gun. But we did reduce the number of illegals and made the population smaller and therefore  less drain on social security benefits.
I m sorry i deported obama.  He is a v nice man.
I m sorry we went to war with pakistan  china syria germany. They were rude to me  and not nice people.
i m v sorry i made billy bush secretary of state.  he is my close friend.
I m sorry melania was a communist spy  like bernie sanders
Dont worry she will never come back.
I m sorry i made the white house the whitest ever.
I m sorry i made the deficit so large mexico is lending us money
I m truly sorry i groped Merkel and May  but after melania left i was sad.
So there u have it guys we drained the swamp. We took our country and pu$$y back. And i m sorry really. But what do u have to lose. Obama is gone Hillary is in jail.  Sanders Warren are in nursing homes.  So please Vote Trump 2020.

12 Nov 16

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 — unknown

 — unknown

 — unknown

its the end of the vorld  
 — unknown

 — unknown

pence 2020
 — unknown

This is thought-provoking.  Scary what could happen in a four year period.
 — unknown

yeh! The slogan for 2020 should be "20/20 hindsight." My prediction: he'll never apologize for the scorched earth.
 — unknown

WO!  My country tis of thee, sweet land of liberty...
 — aforbing

 — unknown

 — unknown

Maga maga
 — unknown

god bless use
 — unknown

Raw, honest and truthful.  I like that.  "V" sorry?  I'd write out the word "very" instead of using the letter "v."  Only because you're writing Poetry and not texting.  The "v" may not translate for others.  This is definitely a List Poem and that's fine.  You work it authentically and effortlessly.  The random capitalization of SOME proper nouns is a little perplexing.  I'd either capitalize everything or nothing at all for the sake of uniformity.  It's a nice kick in the old NUTsack!  :-)
 — starr

happy new yr use
 — unknown

 — unknown

 — unknown

 — unknown

i'm sorry you didn't learn that poetry was an art and not a shit in a bucket. i don't know what you're going to do with the bucket, but if you're looking at it as a pot of gold, you're over the rainbow.

blue ribbon for best carriage return.
 — cadmium

 — unknown

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