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you obey the law
play with ways to stretch it
you do not talk and not do
lest you become tiresome to others
you do not not know yourself or wish to live
beyond your own stretched boundaries

3 Dec 16

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Hank just loves to write me poems. Quite the social commentary here! (fear not adults this one is to me.)

https://youtu.be/z8rQ575DWD 8

Naww, just kidding, Hank. I catagorise you as being one of those 'special' few who doesn't much care for 'critique.'  

And sorry, thats harsh, I know, because you probably do but its likely only by a select few (men perhaps? Or one of those man's man women.)

Interesting poem. How old are your kids?

I give you 10. Let's play!
 — PollyReg

play at what?
 — hank

At knitting circle! I was nice to you, please sir may I join your group - *simper, swoon
 — PollyReg

when were you nice to me? just now? or sometime in the past?
 — hank

you won't get into my group that easy
 — hank

even with the knitting
 — hank

Yes, I was nice to you. Just now and in the past. I paid attention to you and left the condescension at the door. To me that's nice. To you? So tell me what's preferable then?
 — PollyReg

I was nice to you. I did not have to comment on your poem at all. That's all there is to it.
 — PollyReg

i know. thanks. i was just being a wiseass
 — hank

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