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Zingerman's in Heaven

I wish I could send Zingerman's to Heaven
where the souls could nosh at will
Gram would cut equal pieces,
making sure all got their fill.
All would find something to love
in that crate and I know that for
all those below and above
memories would surely abound
I wish I could send Zingerman's to Heaven
even just once a year
sending departed loved ones,
a bit of Christmas cheer
Lord knows we need something
to believe in--to hope for,
a place of center
to revolve around...
I wish I could send Zingerman's to Heaven
although it wouldn't bring world peace...
Yet still I would pack it and ship it
If only it would bring you back to me.


6 Dec 16

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 — aforbing

I'm struggling with the flow of this one. It started with an ABCB  rhyme that didn't continue. It was jarring when that and the meter of the first stanza dissolved into a less structured piece. The idea is sweet, but I've seen you write much cleaner poems in terms of structure or no structure.
 — akiikii

Never mind. Sloppy first read. I see the pattern and purpose of its dissolution now. It's nice. Is Zingerman's a sweets shop?
 — akiikii

Zingerman's sells all kind of yumminess.  Check them out at: zingermans.com
 — aforbing