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January, 2017

ahhh man...just lost some good words
fuck...hate when that happens
listened to lou reed live and rachmaninov
johnnie cash...then the radio tonight
who was tributing to bowie
who was tributing to bowie?
a whole bunch of discarded shoes?
1/2 of a squishy ignorant generation?
johnnie cash...then the radio tonight
ahhh man...fuck...lost good words

7 Jan 17

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lol, suffragette city?

just teasin, man. i like poems about music...in some ways they are similar to poems about 'poetry'

what say?
 — PollyReg

Just on a side, chatty note:

My stepfather loved Johny Cash. He grew up in pre-1989 Romania and they didn't have much access to what we call(ed) modern music...

...But for some funny, endearing reason, he loved him.  And he told me that everyone in his village, in fact, in all of Romania, loved him too...because, to quote," he was the best one - the best singer." And, "Romanians know the best ones."

He is like Elvis to these country men, Heh. And It's true, It's really true. Steve had friends from his country who also idolised him....agreed, "Yes, Johnny Cash is the absolute best one."

They didn't have Beatlemania they had Johnymania...lol, and thats a story I could not possibly make up, Hank. Or get from Wiki, lol.

In fact, lol,  I just found something by googling "Johny Cash" and "Romania" just then after I wrote that, that is an absolute hoot...Check out this youtube. (It won't give you spam or a virus...It's just funny and sort of proof of my story)

https://youtu.be/Pd3WqkgBsz w

Happy new year to you and yours. :-)
 — PollyReg

rachmaninov 2nd piano concerto? or one of the preludes... case bowie and Reed are faces in front and don't do anything but kill silence and boyish fears. rach bled into music, each note a throat cut suicide. face pop boys die when the realize they like music and hate fans.
 — cadmium