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Trump - Tweet, Twit..oh, shit

They call him President but I call him something
darker, more brutal, less elegant,
like the wings of his yellow hair,
the orange of his skin,
the voice that strives to be gentle
but remains smug and sneering.
A sociopath or just narcissistic
but it makes no difference,
he is taking my country apart
with his bigotry,
with his lewd actions,
with his sense of entitlement.
A wall two thousand miles long,
my taxes torn from schools and art,
from streets and hospitals,
while Mexico laughs and laughs
when he promises they will pay.
I am not laughing.
No one I know in America is laughing.

26 Jan 17

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I heard on the radio this morning that he said that Australia is one of Americas best friends and yet it then went on to say that he wants to pass some bill that makes it harder for Aussies to travel to the US. That doesn't make sense to me. Tourisms good for the economy, no?

It seems like he wants America to be segregated from the rest of the world and in this day and age that's far from good. Next thing you know freak of nature gymnasts will be the only ones allowed to leave your country.

Perhaps he is mad?
 — PollyReg

he just wants to be liked. making him into the devil is just kid's and superstitious peasant stuff. you have to be clear about what he isn't, not what he seems like. we're fucked, but all the bernie's who wanted a daddy to spank the corporations ended up voting him in.

suffa, baby, cause changes start with you being nice to that homeless guy you think isn't worthy of your beer money.
 — cadmium

^I always give money to homeless people if I've got it. A woman asked me for two dollars once in Mt Druitt and I said no, because I was in a bad mood...

Then I started obsessing about how desperate she'd have to be to ask for money from strangers...So I ran back to find her and said, "sorry I just realised I do have that two dollars. "

Win, win situation. I felt good about myself and she got her two bucks :-)

I don't give cigarettes to people that bludge them though. Well, sometimes maybe, but not usually.

I know next to nothing about American politics, to be honest. I just heard that this morning and thought it noteworthy.

My husband follows it. He told me Trump would win and why. It's because voting is a choice, hey?

Do you think that's a flawed system?
 — PollyReg

And that electoral college thing that is impossible to understand
 — PollyReg

america is still an experiment. it's not a perfect system, but the problem is that the romantic foundations of 'america' is tainted by the puritan ideal of the new world being 'the new jerusalem', and the english imperial ideal of its being 'nature's bounty, the new garden of eden'. really. and, all these forces negate each other, and what's left is government by committee.

your husband has a good eye. it was obvious to me too that trump would be elected, because the hilary whom i voted for doesn't watch t.v., doesn't have a feeling for trailer-trash. we're a trailer-trash country with some rich people owning the supermarket and gun shop.
 — cadmium

I feel you're pain, Isabelle.
 — PaulS

You should have stayed a British Colony and let Prince Philip run it. You can't beat the royals for stability. We have Prince Charles who talks to trees, Prince Andrew whose an arms dealer Princess Anne who loves horses more than 'umans and a monarch who has survived the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune since 1950 something. We could sell you Buck House for a few trillion dollars and transport it brick by brick rebuilding it on the White House Lawn. That would Trump all

Larry crown jewels protected Lark
 — larrylark

is the UK actually the monarchy? i mean, here, we have the duke of xerox and the marquis of weightwatchers, always getting into mischief too.
 — cadmium

Our version of Donald Trump is Pauline Hanson. A former fish and chips shop owner from the Gold Coast

She's been widely parodied- Such as this:

https://youtu.be/KDwsBv-jjQ U

Luckily she is not our prime minister...The day could come though, who knows. I don't predict it but who would have predicted Trump?

Honestly, take a leaf out of larks book, I think there are some things you have to laugh at. It's way better than crying. Plus, If you laugh at it, it stops having any power over you.

It's a terrible situation, there is no cure and nothing anyone can do other than seek the ridiculous and laugh over it...

For a proud people, that's hard though, I know, and I do empathise.
 — PollyReg

We are laughing in parody of Trump but we are not and must not laugh at the policies he is already enforcing.  This poem could go on and on and on about how chilling I find this new president.  Since I will never meet him, he is not President to me, he will always be little Donny Trump.  
 — Isabelle5

just hope he doesn't have a heart attack in office. pence is the evil one; trump just wants to be asked to the party -- an outsider, bully, but not like hitler -- not good at controlling an audience, which is why he does it all by tweet, like a teenager. so far, he's ineffective and confused, even if he's motor mouth.
 — cadmium

A lone outsider with the capacity to bully a band of insiders? Sheesh the guy must be a mountain!

That poetic illusion/analogy/whatever doesn't work, Cadmium. In my experience bullies are usually facilitated by the silent bully in society's inner 'insider' lol.  It's the throne on which a bully sits.

Yeah, I don't think he's a bully. I think he's crazy. A crazy person with money is a dangerous beast...A crazy person with money who manages to get himself elected? Well goodness me!

Hilary was probably just the wrong choice. Neither her nor her husband likeable enough...

Sometimes I listen to Trump and I'm almost sure he's not serious...like he's sending himself up or something.

He is serious though, which is terrifying, and he thinks he has Americas interests at hand.
 — PollyReg

he's not able to bully on his own. he got pushed into the arena, the outsiders just stepped aside to watch and wait to profit on his ineptness. it's like somebody you might know who gets invited to the wrong party and is insecure and starts making lamer jokes and pretends to be talking to somebody on his mobile at the same time. he's only a threat if you've lived a narrow life and hadn't met con artists before... even if you were once married to one... but, that's the blindness of it all, that you want to hate him but can't for any real reason, just the superficial socially ok things in your society used to put down someone from the lower-classes. that gets really quirky, because you start stepping on your own social toes -- pinched into uncomfortable shoes.
 — cadmium

* I meant allusion. Though illusion sounds funkier.

So how on earth can everything be about outsiders and insiders, Cadmium? All that leads to is the promotion of conflict.

What framework are you using for reference? Stepping on your own toes is right.

When everybody starts thinking that their insiders are the 'right' insiders, to the detriment of their own conceptual outsiders, they become their own Trump.


Its not about who likes Trump or who doesn't...I don't know him to hate or dislike him...I do think he is attempting to propagate some sort of whacked out self serving 'societal ideal' that will prove, non beneficial to your country, in the long run, while remaining very offensive to a lot of people.

But, like anybody, he probably thinks he's a good guy. Really.

He is likely a racist. Although even that shit is bizarre because he seems to have a penchant for marrying Eastern European women...

I don't think insecure people are automatically con artists. Insecurity and con artistry are not mutually exclusive...They have no relation. I'm insecure.

I do lamer jokes all the time too.
 — PollyReg

Its not Trump you should be hand wringing over but the people in the shadows that will profit most from this buffoon being i "power". In England we have a monarchy and a parliament and a lot of people who think they live in a democracy where they can change things at the ballot box. But nothing changes because the loonies in the shadows who don't give a shit about what is good for people are always able to dose us up with their own special brand of medicine and we have to take it, many unwittingly, whether we like it or not.If a real evolution of 'umans started to get underway, which it won't, but if it did, the iron fist would come down.
 — larrylark

Lucky I am not a loony in the shadow.

Nor am I a fan, like many other Australlians, (my insiders, lol) of 'Americanism' - Television and media has had us believe that it is an ego based concept...And I am being open handedly honest there and shoot me if you have to.

However, like most people, we are able to seperate 'concept' from the practical. No dig or pun intended or meant. AUSTRALIANS and AMERICANS. All people can seperate because, like Lark said, we are just human after all.

I wasn't happy when he got in. I thought it was a disaster. For America and for the world as a whole.  I didn't feel no sense of schadenfreude. Christ, what a pretenticous word.

But that some sort of 'good ol boy' concept could come to this (he is an entertainer, cos lets be honest that is what he is, he is entertaining. hate him or love him he's there and people are watching. )

Anyway, personally, I am not a racist person. I don't discriminate on religion or class, ect.  Maybe on sex, sometimes, but not really. Women sometimes piss me off with all the touchy feely psychological bullshit...but not so as it counts. I have a lot of female friends.

But as a whole in Australia? Some of us are racist and class conscious and some aren't.  Some are misogynistic, some aren't. Some are self deprecating, some aren't. I think its a funny sort of humour but is born by ego as well and could be seen as arrogant. I don't know.

So, in general, I think, when you lose the sense of entitement and the group culture, whether it be psychological or moral culture or whatever, patriotic embarrasment is a lot easier to deal with.

Where were are all these people who didn't vote? Would it have made a difference? I don't know that either.

Like I said to Cadmium it is a flawed system...But 'something' allowed it to happen. If you adhere to a 'group conciousness' something in that group conciousness allowed the fucking thing to occur.

That's why everyone is sad.

Throw it to the sea. Its a paradox. Don't adhere to it. Don't make him a scapegoat for anger he doesn't deserve. Scapegoats get to be martyrs. Right? Right or wrong?

Look I've read a lot of things on the internet and its all over the news with people going all up in arms saying, "This doesn't reflect America or the majority of Americans" ...

However, unfortunately, it still happened, and it is done and dusted and life isn't about avoiding embarrasments.
 — PollyReg

This leader of the so called free world most definitely wants to keep the world in chains.

Larry padlocked and keyed Lark
 — larrylark

on the bright side, some good art might come out of it...maya angelou, chained bird and all that.
 — PollyReg

*caged bird
 — PollyReg

I wonder what's more of a prison. Actual oppression or the fear of oppression...?
 — PollyReg

I bet he keeps the holy grail full of cheetos.
 — sylvia

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