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Where I Fit

On the way to church,
I pass a field of sheep
and have to look twice
to find the sheep-colored donkey
who lives in that mix.
Listening hard through the sermon,
taste of bread on my tongue,
sweet juice gulp that goes down easy.
Driving home,
passing the field,
pondering -
am I the sheep or the ass?
Sometimes, even after absolution,
it is still hard to tell.

13 Feb 17

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Well I'd be the ass in that equation, definitely. Contextually I'd have no shame admitting it either.

Ach, But really all I really need to be happy is an afternoon snooze on the couch. It's the small things in life that matter the most (to quote thousands)

Thanks for the read Isabelle,
Cute one,
 — PollyReg

what with my little boy jumping around trying to 'accidentally' wake me up it is a pleasant experience. it's part of the whole. i grab him sometimes, make him lay down beside me, just so as I can smell his skin as I drift in to half sleep.

he doesn't wake his father as nice. normally if robert is napping in the chair he gives him a punch in the stomach to wake him up. oh god, little boys and their dads.

"above all to thine own self be true" .... someone said that...and that it must follow as the night the day. morality comes from inside.
 — PollyReg