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ode to tom waits

spent a little of the afternoon with an ikea -
child's play...it's no hoffman or morris or even chippendale
but man, what a great little piece of engineering
what fun it was for me, to briefly play once again with an erector...set...

15 Feb 17

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yah, wait's was a cheap imitation of beat. I guess he deserves being rhymed with "Jerry lewis".

get your internal structures tight and then make jokes. don't just spread kooky  -- word from the '50's -- words over white bread.
 — cadmium

I don't know what the title has to do with the follow. I haven't listened to a real lot of tom waits though. I kind of avoid doing so cos it makes me feel sad. I'm probably missing something here

cheers for the read,
 — PollyReg