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black bird in black sky

the sea is full tonight,
running currents from asia --
typical flow,
round and serene -- it flows
from japan -- fukushima,
where death grows in water
so green and still --
deep wells with melting rods, containers,
melting boy and girl --
isotopes eating the land.
a bird, a land bird,
floats upon strontium;
spirit on the sea. and, i see outside, the vivid sunset
reminds me of melting worlds now, fire and death;
and, i cannot shake the fear that my bones
are filling with poison: when i love in you,
i am giving you cesium. i cannot love you anymore;
i cannot kill.
i want to sing a floating song in the wind,
but, the waves and clouds spiral into cesium;
children will die,
birds will die. i want to sing a song
that shouts out happiness -- but, the liquid
caress of radioactive water bathes hilo,
covers the beach at waikiki --
the sands, the trees; the people. children
will play, mothers will nurse, people will vote, happy
to pick their team for the series.
leaders of the world, politicians -- labor, communist,
fascist, republican realists, democrat souls: vanity boys
and girls. they didn't tell you? did you ask?
i want to sing a song where i'm not afraid,
afraid to look outside, green planet...
to walk downtown and not look down,
to not have to see the pain,
they know they're dying -- the food, the air and water.
because, the sky would be blue;
birds from far away...

20 Feb 17

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fly above it
 — cadmium

just don't think about it.
 — cadmium

i think either people just don't say anything about this because of their opinion of me personally -- which is stupid thing that stupid people do when they think this is facebook and about having 'friends' -- fuck friends who'd be that superficial -- or, they don't respond to this because they don't know what a 'fukushima' thing is... it's not in the news that much anymore, and i-pod play-lists don't do 'news'.

nuclear disaster, filling the pacific with radiation -- will leak forever fill your happy-face with death.
 — cadmium