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black bird in black sky

the sea is full tonight,
running currents from asia --
typical flow,
round and serene -- it flows
from japan -- fukushima,
where death grows in water
so green and still --
deep wells with melting rods, containers,
melting boy and girl --
isotopes eating the land.
a bird, a land bird,
floats upon strontium;
spirit on the sea. and, i see outside, the vivid sunset
reminds me of melting worlds now, fire and death;
and, i cannot shake the fear that my bones
are filling with poison: when i love in you,
i am giving you cesium. i cannot love you anymore;
i cannot kill.
i want to sing a floating song in the wind,
but, the waves and clouds spiral into cesium;
children will die,
birds will die. i want to sing a song
that shouts out happiness -- but, the liquid
caress of radioactive water bathes hilo,
covers the beach at waikiki --
the sands, the trees; the people. children
will play, mothers will nurse, people will vote, happy
to pick their team for the series.
leaders of the world, politicians -- labor, communist,
fascist, republican realists, democrat souls: vanity boys
and girls. they didn't tell you? did you ask?
i want to sing a song where i'm not afraid,
afraid to look outside, green planet...
to walk downtown and not look down,
to not have to see the pain,
they know they're dying -- the food, the air and water.
because, the sky would be blue;
birds from far away...

20 Feb 17

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fly above it
 — cadmium

just don't think about it.
 — cadmium

i think either people just don't say anything about this because of their opinion of me personally -- which is stupid thing that stupid people do when they think this is facebook and about having 'friends' -- fuck friends who'd be that superficial -- or, they don't respond to this because they don't know what a 'fukushima' thing is... it's not in the news that much anymore, and i-pod play-lists don't do 'news'.

nuclear disaster, filling the pacific with radiation -- will leak forever fill your happy-face with death.
 — cadmium

I read this when the site was partially down and was taken by the imagery -- the title is specTitular -- you do this zen-juxtaposition like jazz sibilence with a rhythmic base trope moving through the images presented here -- so there is a music and a feeling of longing that permeates the theater of your word-mind -- birds of a feather
 — AlchemiA

leaders of the world, politicians -- labor, communist,
fascist, republican realists, democrat souls: vanity boys
and girls. they didn't tell you? did you as

delete this ?
 — DeformedLion

no, wot doo u mean? does the line work? I wrote it in anger. anger is good. I take vacations to anger-wot.
 — cadmium

unnecessary for the unnecessary - plain speak as bridge 'team' has wings, 'politicians' is the toll we digress with.
 — DeformedLion

have to know that this is a propaganda piece. what the line is saying is, "did the silly egotistical politicians know that radioactivity from fukushima was poisoning the ocean? did they tell you? but, did you ask them about it?" you see how, for the piece -- and, it's really just a novelty song -- some things need to be overstated and too obvious, because people aren't political, they don't get it that it's they who have to work to understand it all, not just wait to get pacified by talking heads on t.v..
 — cadmium