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scent of rain

the wind tears tears from the sky
passing shadows all drip by
you drop a step from the damp train
and spend a wry smile on me
oh how i love that scent after the rain
i've never loved you like that
i don't know if i can wait
for the rain that would wake
a new scent in us as we ruin our soles
in the puddles of different worlds
you only got time for the mirrors below
and i fail to recall the colour of your eyes
the grey still climbs from the rafters
and the sky reflects just the lanterns
you draw a gaze back to from where we came
like we'd left a visible trace
admiring the glow of the rear lights
stumble and graze your knee equally red
as i hold out my hand a smile again
escapes in full bloom from your lips
invading my eyes like pepperspray
and i think that before
i've never loved you like that
you have the scent of our rain

22 Feb 17

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