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all babies are born on steps

i cut my hair because i want a cloche hat.
i lose weight because i want the 20s to be 10 years ago
my lover and i,
after a while we smile schedules at one another.
fuck it, after a while, we smile plot, and then, embarrassed and sort of shy, we cough horror.
tonight my lover and i talk plain.
pop culture, listen, i want to filch and exploit the animal infant in all of us.
listen, no listen, maybe we should watch tv all the day, he said, as if i didn't know him then, as if our faces were all off on another culture's apparel.
he gave me a bottle of perfume
and maybe that produced a global storm, pommy babies being born everywhere
and maybe i wanted all babies to be born in retort, good sun strangling their grey necks like result
and to prove it, i gurgle the ozone layer, ingratiatingly
and to prove it i can't help but know the author.

22 Feb 17

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Babble Polly
 — unknown

Yeah, typed straight into my phone and then posted.

I wouldn't call it a poem.

Night dementia? Night drunkness>  Ranting? I might be able to salvage some of this, like pommy babies being born in retort, but its likely I won't edit.

Smiling plots, coughing horror, really do want a cloche hat.
 — PollyReg

After all
 — PollyReg

edit. but it might be a little lost elfy anyway
 — PollyReg

https://youtu.be/IyQI9VS_3y o
 — PollyReg

this is write is asking for an invention, I like it. It is authentic and urgent. the last line may be about the poem, the state of being, and to prove it I can't help but to know this write.
 — crepaway

^ thanks :-)
 — PollyReg

this is good, felt it.
 — sixtywatt

^ thankyou, i'm happy with it. it was quite different but i edited. :-)

any edit suggestions?
 — PollyReg