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Drowning in the air

5:00 am my alarm clock rings
The sun is not up, the birds do not sing
The leaves silently sway along with the trees
How I wish I could be free...
Free as the leaves that rustle around, or the sky up above where I cannot drown
Drown in the world full of people
who no longer care, the same routine that never fades,
Get up, get dressed, and go through the day
Not bothering to ask "Are you okay?" but I guess my answer would always be the same
I would just smile and laugh and "Yes but thanks"
I wonder what they see or how they feel
Living in a world that isn't real
Do they do the same just pretend to be okay
but alone at home there fading away,
A raging pitch black is all they see
Maybe they are the same as me...
Wake up, get dressed, and pretend to believe
Act okay in the mornings light, but really alone it is always night
How I wish I could say I'm really okay
but that is a story for another day.

23 Feb 17

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