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the manic synesthesiac

we're gathered in the light
with a Lunar whim and the colours
resolved and separated
along the arc of your falling curve
as either particle or wave
I lick the flame, a bated breath
an elemental need of your nether world
where stirs a glowing passion
for us to burn again
gathering our attentions
to the tensions rousing just below
with emotions cum hesitations and then
a transcendental drift, though a narcissism
runs a schism relentlessly through it
we dive deep together
until after we've 'come'
to our separate desperate ways;
a sycophant to a sociopath
a bleeding on the edge of pain
a paradise of ave Maria
where we arouse it all over again
rapt inside with syn-aesthetic invigoration's
overflowed, swelling, mingling
with restless moaning, frisson tingling, emptying,
a flower opens from the depths of your Sea
with absolute surrender, stuttering, ecstatically
i remember she cries, lightning in her eyes
stars in her head, our rhythm makes a song
echo to the Tombs of the Nile Kings
shuddering their vessels to forever
then it fell apart, everything closed down again,
too much, too much made me blind
the lows, frowning unkind, shut my mind
    with nothing more to say
just those dense particles that bend me like they always do
bent to the gravity of a deeper darker end,
where it fell apart again, like it always does,
like I never saw anything at all...

9 May 17

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 — unknown

very nice.  although I read line 5 as:  'as either particle or wave'
also, I read 35 without "over"
otherwise, sublime
 — JKWeb