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Conversation with my One Eye

The afternoon  
thinks sex
with every girl
at the Avenue window
Each babe passing
seems hotter than the last
Legs getting longer
skirts growing shorter
asses screaming tighter
until the peep of no panties
aches like a drug
and the lizard in my pants
lounges like Lazarus
on the stool at the bar
You shouldn't be so picky
he throbs
They're all the same
when their clothes come off
Just do the talking
warm her up with your tongue
show me the way in
then leave the rest to me
He could be right
but I know we wont find out
until I've swallowed enough courage
to ask
just one

14 May 17

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Graphically good and so true

Larry hot pants Lark
 — larrylark

when one head get's hard the other goes soft -- nicely wrought stages to the goal of filling that hole with a whole lotta' love -- this is the proper balance of cynicism and the neuroscience of hormone auto-pilot -- the story of the urge-to-merge has many layers of meaning, yet none of them match the candor and camp of this piece -- lol
 — AlchemiA