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I am the snow on your roof in winter
and I’m dormant under the icy bright moon
I peek over the gutters
trying to catch a glimpse of you
I hope you feel the water
cold in my veins
the rush of blood
the snow-capped mountain top
this storm of obsession
brisk down your razorback spine
until the weather warms
when the sun becomes dominant
I’ll slowly slide
down the side of your house
to sleep in your garden
and dream of a time
when we’re alone under tombstones

25 May 17

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We are but a mere moment twix cradle and grave.

Larry funereal Lark
 — larrylark

L17 says too much///
Alternative ending suggestion ---
we'll be alone
under stone
 — unknown

typical unk. doesn't know how to read. the 'tombstones' is inside the melody. you want a telegram to yourself, get  someone to die.
 — cadmium

Brilliant poem :)
Love how you’ve ended this.
 — jenakajoffer