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Reflections Of Branwell Bronte-Affliction.

Small flash of light.
One more, then another.
My vision fractured.
I fell forwards.
The kitchen floor
became several
Which did i hit?
Impossible to say
as consciousness faded.
I saw hands wringing
over the profanities
issuing from my mouth.
I heard the murmurings of prayer
right there, in front of my contorted face.
“One of his lambs
has wandered from the flock.”
This side show of my misfortune.
The aftermath looming.
The sure and certain shock
at my disgrace.
Somewhere in the house
a door closed.
Whispers then no sound.
They were walking on tip toes,
Round, round, endlessly round.”

3 Jun 17

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nice writing, larry.
 — cadmium

And there i was, thinking tumbleweed was blowing through this site. One of my biggest failing is that i stick with things through thick and thin...even you Cad, though i never believe a word you or i say.

Larry the wind blows forward and the wind blows back Lark
 — larrylark

probably means you believe in something more plastic, like beer. it's not too smart to insult critics here in critical poetry, unless you really think that posting a little poem here is all about you and not about writing and poetry at all. it's not about you. critique one of my things back -- part of writing some of the casual stuff i write is written with you in mind, because we share some of the same times and events in time. you're too dull to get that, but maybe if you'd read my work with some kind of intelligence and feeling for poetry you'd get younger and brighter and be much more helpful here.
 — cadmium

LOL..wot kan i say...here you are again  saying exactly the same pompous stuff you always spout, like a mantra ......mmm.....Don't worry Cad i'm on here till i hit a thousand and then i won't be here, as from now i'm giving up on you so don't expect me to reply to any more of your bile and vitriol wrapped up in so called poetic analysis.....Did i hear a little rumour from your own mouth that you would not be commenting in the "poetry" section....mmmm...maybe not...It must have been a nightmare i had.

Larry in his own rites Lark
 — larrylark

And it's not too smart to insult the poet either.
Your biggest failing, Mike has always been just that.
If you'd like PC to enjoy a resurgence why not apply your considerable intellect more wisely without being such an asshole for the sake of your own shit.

Obliged to use Google to understand your title, Larry and therein lay the depth to this writing -- if 'good nor bad I could not judge' -- but worth the extra mile of my own enjoyment.
 — unknown

Larry, like you I'm aiming for a thousand (all posted on another site) and I wonder if we will stop when we hit it -- though clearly acid Mike can often seem reason enough to make anyone quit writing for good.
 — unknown

"Probably, means you believe in something more plastic like beer"

Cadmium, what is it that you're not getting? What people do in their own time is their own business. Yes? No?

It just makes you seem insecure about your own writing. Yes? No?

Is it that you can't stand on your own merit? Cos shit that would be so fucking funny.

These bramwell poems have made me learn something. I'm good with all Larks writing. Better with these ones
 — PollyReg


The lady protests too much????

Apply it to yourself
 — PollyReg

For Lark via Mike (Because you were nice to me)

https://youtu.be/I4SqTnqZzr 4
 — PollyReg

poetry is an art, not a fart.
 — cadmium

wow, a haunting piece Larry -- I've had fainting spells of late and that first strophe captures the feels precisely -- well writ with the wit of losing it
 — AlchemiA

They didn't walk on tiptoes.
 — percocet