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have not made one good decision this year
there are locust where the kings should be
i could be over by the decembers, a broken yolk  
(you could delete me if you delete this poem)
yellow ooze, some spam crawlin
and the econonominy is fallin
un upside down sponge spewing blood at the ceiling fan
nervous about being fired and broke and
having to email the lady with the baby.
you could be my friend, you decide?
i am a liar and a gambler- a pretzel needs water you know-
there's a satire i here  i  know      a pretzel needs water.
to be me
you be me
and be me
i'll you
for whenever the rain comes

10 Jun 17

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soggy prezzzel. nobody knows you, when you're down and out. lez b. frens.
 — cadmium

Andrew will love that comment...

To be clichely Ozzie, "yeah, nah" and "just goes to show"

Love you, Deformed. Love reading you. Only context I can know you in.

 — PollyReg

... and the rains come whether we're ready or not -- this poem rains on our umbrella eyes rolling off onto our whether or nought
 — AlchemiA