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why am i not you

I see tetrahedrons effectively drawn
in space with beams of light
detailing silently sacred geometries of life
when quietly a ghost sneaks up behind me and recites
a new theory for science to violently rewrite
and mask the truths with sugar coated candy
not unlike the priests
who buried all the truths under the wooden cross and parted sea
and i tell the ghost that i believe hes right
hes sucked by vacuum to the sky and i go back to studying the light
i see the blades of grass dance
and i know not of the wind
so in my mind they dance for me
and i begin to dance for them
i see the water in the ocean reaching out for me
knowing not of logic i can clearly hear it
sing in breeze
and i understand the language used
and means for which it speaks
i sing back to it
in a higher pitch
and a rhythmic rhyme
and then i take off all my clothes
and give them to the tide
i see my naked body glowing white
under the moon
and i know not of the ego
but i smile like i do
if you can see me now, what would you think?
why am i nude?
why am i dancing?
why am i not

written around 2010

10 Jun 17

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