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confessions of an english opium eater came round
full tilt
a full circle from north wales in its beginning
to clifton in its end
i like when 1820 talks to you

21 Jul 17

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get a job!
 — percocet

1820 talks to your mom like Machine Gun Kelly got a job blowing your mom during the valentines day massacre.  Good luck with that.  
 — percocet

name your champ!
 — percocet

I woke up this morning, and
Drew Bree's was talking about
Adrian Peterson,
In my sleep.

I was about to be cast
In Carbonite
When Hillary said to the View,
Cast that D-bag in carbonite
And us black people need to start focusing on Jews.
 — percocet

I watched this television program once about a woman who was addicted to poppy seeds. No shit. She was chewing on two kilos a day and had to get them shipped from all over. She had totally ruined her teeth.

lefty loosey
righty tighty
hefty goosey
bitey blighty

^ ("aka, erotic acts of gastronomy" and/or ...."cake perpetration and the dichotomies of midgets")

Argh, I'm boring even myself now.
 — PollyReg

^ you're such a bitch, Polly. How do you think midgets are feeling right now? Not good, Lassy, I can say that for certain. That's right, not good at all. I hope you're proud of yourself. You have the morals of a swamp rat.
 — unknown

^ Listen here, Mate, if there was an ashtray full of toe nails and a pair of clippers with my name on it, I'd be the one two blocks down hailing a cab. We clear?
 — PollyReg

Sorry Hank, that's one gluten free Polly-cake you won't be having. Next time...maybe

 — PollyReg

1320 talks to me -- plague, hunger, war. belief. stupidity, but all out front -- nothing secret you'd need to know. i wouldn't matter in the least that you didn't know the earth went around walmart, or that germs cause germ-stuff to happen. you'd still die, just like today people die and don't bother to send a postcard back to let you know if it's going to rain tomorrow.

is dequincy the one, do you think? haven't looked at him since 1964 but have been around the block a few times.

no punc works in this. the whitespace line breaks become the punctuation and are more effective at making the reader break and pause than regular dots and dashes. it gives the effect of you telling. i know you don't like to tell as much as you like to project thoughts, but, still, we're reading it in talk language and quasi-talk space.
 — cadmium

It would be cool if there was a like button on the site, Cadders. When you have a free minute can you see to that please ;-)
 — PollyReg

From my point of view, it's really quite a challenge to feel as if you are a dislike button personified.

LOL, good thing it's not reality.

Never really had that 'actual' issue, so thus have never had to think about the connotations...Can't say I'm really impressed with it either.

It's not fun to be ignored.

 — PollyReg