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One Room Schoolhouse- an homage to Dylan Thomas

It was my understanding that is not failed
took to my knowing from early age schoolhouse did
    And the books piled and the room
            insisted more
        The teacher beckons
With order saying and call of schoolbell and look
And the smell of school books on the hard wood desk
        Myself to get took
            That second
to the still teaching room and set down.
    My first day began with the room-
kids and the older kids of the advanced years calling my name
    Around the pole and the white flag
            And I rose
        In doing homage
And talked toward it a crowd of all my peers.

5 Sep 17

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Congrats to Bob Dylan
 — percocet

Congrats to Bob Dylan
— percocet         &nb sp;

 — Mattmckeown


Larry do not go gently Lark
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Larry do not go gently Lark
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Thank You Larry
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