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U R The Worst when You Try.

U think;
Like everyone before you.
U live;
You were raised by
Someone before you.
All that you are,
Is Someone like you.
U think that you are more than you,
and, I am not sorry
That I am not like you.
I am though. But,
Maybe you don't deserve this;
But, maybe you do.
The real question is,
"How do we all lose?"
No! The real question is,
"How did I lose?"

5 Sep 17

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sry, projecting.
 — percocet

http://poetrycritic al.net/read/54067/
 — cadmium

never mind. fucked link to an old thing of mine. about the fatuousness of trying hard to be perfect and thinking that it's only about looking perfect. the actual creeps up on you in your sleep.
 — cadmium

http://poetrycritic al.net/read/54067/

 — cadmium

no. sorry to crap on your poem's space.
 — cadmium

reminds me of everything a drunk  poet person says when making up a poem as a first draft.. i am drunkenly critiquing it, so perhaps i am biased
 — mr_e

also cheer up buddy
 — mr_e

"All we are, is dust in the wind, dude."
 — Haxxen

"Dust. Wind. Dude."
 — Haxxen