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per diem

i drink the poison but it has no effect on me.
my mood is stubborn,
and resistant to change.
hurts to be the prodigal son,
the only one able to return.
how long will i remain at home?
until all vices are solved and disappeared.
all else are allowed to make
endless mistakes, but i have
made all of mine.
time releases your need to act
childishly. to want what is nearest
to birth is slowing growth,
stopping it.
what is next? an artisanal life,
fixing broken things.
becoming the source of happiness
for other people,
ignoring my own.
i remember being truly happy.
i was selfish and ignorant,
the former being a feeling
never to be reached.
relying on luck to turn
my days around, knowing well
my spring is dry.
i have trained myself to need
nothing, having seen days
beyond my worst imagination
and survived.
i am waiting for the next end of the world,
and the questions left to answer on its return.
moving without error
towards our greatest mistakes
and victories, the past will lie in confusion,
slow to burden us.

6 Sep 17

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