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I can't be in your shoes

Just looking to lift my aunts spirits up... going through radiation therapy.  Can anyone help me fix this up a bit?

I can't be in your shoes
Nor the one to choose
For you, or anyone
For that matter...
That said,
I can decide
On something
Greater than myself
And hopefully,
Greater than all of us
Which is...
That you thrive

7 Sep 17

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Will something, like, food or drink will lift your aunt's spirits?

Also, can you be there with your aunt? That is also a good way to, at least, maintain your aunt's spirit.
 — Qayyum

Or if you just want to fix the poem:

I can't be in your shoes,
for my feet cannot fit in yours,
but I am here to try to help
if your shoes somehow rebel.
 — Qayyum

Yeah, that helps.
 — neverthehero