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all I've ever wanted is for you to notice me

the helix I climb begins as a sidewalk
and ends a skyward ladder,
ascending the heavens
and denying their existence
not just for show
but for the value of integrity
these are clouds, mountains,
a thinner atmosphere,
outer space to marvel,
not cop-out to fantastical
as much as I'd like.
it is a rock
pushing straight up from the earth
I cling to and
climb when rested enough.
deciding which
to take
a life of prose.
from painting to writing to
composing music
for my own soul
and any others
whose ears care,
I skip on stones
down a river.
the current and wet, green moss
create a danger
I feel in each twisted ankle,
yet still I hop
island to island
upstream, smiling at my
fortune and luck.
This is life
beating the shit out of me
and I, without purpose,
ear to ear,
grin like a jack-o-lantern.
This is the middle,
the twist
half a decade of practice
pretending to know
how I know
You can't keep the readers attention without some kind of insult
to the lesser minds
they feel they share
abhorrence of.
Your cognitive bias is not something I intend
make a pet
I am lashing out at the stupid
and fickle minded
simian, who,
lost for identity,
will bask in mine
even for only a moment.
I tell myself
the nights I cannot sleep
that I am, at the very least,
And how Palahniuk, for all his
painful beauty,
had it wrong.
Even alone I am
utterly smothered
by the quiet tumor growing
in the frenzy that is
social media.
when I can afford it,
I take my medicine and
muffle the endless waves
of frantic reality crawling,
up over the crag
towards me.

8 Sep 17

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