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Shiny Brand New Day

Eyes blink open,
reel in shadows shackled to far corners.
Been over the border, too deep?
askew among the fondue of your dreams
Day-light filters onto blinds.
Milk van floats past gold top of early sun
lining bright horizons.
Rise entranced,
Grip the bed post, sway.
Make your debut,
stumble into a new day.
Last night armed with gin
you were re jigged  
basking in moonshine.
Reached agreeable balance
Walking the line between out and in,
saintliness and sin, binned the bad bits.
Panic and calm in harmony
Now point your feet towards the door,
Loosen your mooring, set sail
Flail about in stormy seas.
Later, barely breathing,
you will be washed ashore.
crawling into tomorrow evening.

22 Sep 17

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yeah, your fondue is way too deep.
 — percocet

percocet sends yet another of his "deadly" missiles. Biff bang boom, i'm dead.

Larry livind dead Lark
 — larrylark

My name is Shiny Brand New Day, and I'm a poem. 10-er
 — morningbring

Thanks for bringing these facts to my attention morningbring. I will scrutinize Mr. Poem more carefully next time he pops in here.

Larry binoculared Lark
 — larrylark

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 — unknown

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