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instinct will find us

my mind strays
wanting music to be heard by the universe
to feel the magic i've bottled
like pickled divinity in iced vodka
when you wear me a orient pearl headdress
alongside floral eccentricity
one who deserves my instinct
argue with confidence
things i stumble upon
stare me
or find me inward
mid sentence stutters
hands to hold awkward are mine
a physical disconnection
i almost forget how to touch
my deepest recess you could have tapped
be a moment's infinite, and
for the kill
—i don't know what to say

8 Oct 17

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on 5, maybe 'an' orient pearl. it's traditional, but it sounds smoother. this feels a little like it was written in stone-space, as though the phrases appeared suddenly in your head, like blooming flowers. it means that even though you sense and know the connections, the reader isn't in your head, sort of has to plod along -- cause that's what perception is about -- going from room to image room. what you've written doesn't need to be styled down to the hair-salon crowd, though. and, even then some of them are naturally stoned.

as poetry this is a little wordy. as a document of the author constructing a poem it's interesting.
 — cadmium