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On Yer Bike

He approaches, unsteady
on rusted bike with one gear
I hear a discernible click of knees.
Sweat droplets larger than tears
careered across his large head
bulging from white Fair Isle sweater .
A man whose clearly overindulged
on the good things in life.
Levis, cut off at knees
chaff his inner thighs,
I’m transfixed by his body dynamic
That lurches him side to side.
Protruding stomach slides against handle bars.
I remain eyes locked as he wobbles,
swerves from shadow to light
This guy is seriously unnerving.
Try has he might he can’t control that bike.
One foot goes searching for the ground.
Found it, frame judders between his legs,
Drops to floor.
The chain tangles in a mass of spokes.
I look away. Now is not the time to stare,
or get involved in bike repairs.

9 Oct 17

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