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Dad's Dancing Shoes

In your walnut wardrobe
those old dancing shoes
velvet bow ties
lie among mothballs
Was I wise to all the ways of your world?
Thinking on your words,
“We carried you through those years.
Mother knew nothing but pain and tears.”
A cloud of moths spread
from barely held together threads.
I felt in pocket, note unread.
“She’s staying round her sister’s place.
I’ll leave the key beneath the bin.
No perfume, she’ll smell a trace,
see the rat run on my face.”
You at the dance club ‘62,
stumbled among non- threatening fools .
Military two step, Valletta, Waltz
Your feet seemed absent , perhaps through default.
She whispered I love you, stay true.
Your mind elsewhere on someone new,
never heard a word.

14 Oct 17

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