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dance (for david s. )

aaron copland conducting
appalachian spring,
a tape,
him talking to the orchestra
it's called 'rehearsal' -- we
don't have them where i come from
he says, no: gentle and dry,
it's passage work,
miss graham is dancing.
if you don't know
what i'm talking about
go back to your dead
you think messiahs bring hope,
-- thing's get better. when you're dead.
                       music is blood, words are blood.
                       poetry is life because
                       you have to sing it right or it dies;
                       that is our holy.
people say some about some
hidden vatican text, oh, this
is the hand of st. mark,
he wrote that alpha
look how it lifts off the page.
jesus did nothing
the buddha did nothing
nothing. nothing.
martha graham danced
appalachian spring
aaron copland wrote
the music.  something.  something.
when he said that, "miss
graham is dancing" saw in his mind twenty
years back,
an old man. he was there. he was the one
                          she was the one.
tears came to my eyes.
how many people then saw her,
or saw her motion: she gave the world
a world. everything. everyone sees dance now.
music to dance, music to music, this was life,
he wrote each note and heard it,
and millions of people heard it
or heard what people did inside it
to feed our movies and music and anything.
anything that's better than trying not to cry.

18 Oct 17

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i wrote this as a choreography script for a dance whose music i only have in my head. but, it's an accessible, copland kind of music.

magic theatre: not for everyone.
 — cadmium

the images arise like a swing of things to come -- slow, not jerky -- cascades of words that are story only after they splash over your face in surprise --

music is blood, words are blood.
poetry is life because
you have to sing it right or it dies;
that is our holy.

a significant strophe that sings along in a rythmik durge making the minstrel a fisher of kings, a meaning maker who sings for his supper so he can dance away in the manger

you listen to tape? -- yess those reels make for feeling while reeling and this really is a good poem, that music is irreverent, poetry too, to meaning anything at all

your critique of the buddafull and the gist of christ as nothing at all is something cuz they meant that nothing is everything, all possibility exists in the infinity of nothing and that's everything -- sweet rhythms swaying there -- there ain't no future, there is no past and in the present nothin' lasts

as homage and requiem, this makes for movement out of tears and may you write for a life of years -- I enjoyed this work, cad
 — AlchemiA

this would be the tape of copland rehearsing. it's on youtube. I think there's a kinescope of Martha graham dancing appalachian spring too.

I'm not happy with this one yet. it's missing anything transcendent that I felt watching her. all I've said is what I've felt, and who really gives a fuck. thanks for liking.
 — cadmium