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he said 'so what bore do you use'
and i said 'what'?
he said 'guns'
i said oh, geez, well...geez...shit
he interrupted and said
'here we call it bore'
i said where i come from we call it gauge
we used a twelve gauge
to knock down deer
you could use a 30 ought six
in the next county over
but that's a rifle, and that's cheating

3 Nov 17

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and u suffered none.
 — percocet

if u stand in front of the cannon during, " Revelry," I don't have sympathy.
 — percocet

rather than quote round sizes, quote government statute number.
 — percocet

u wright without intervention.\
 — percocet

u can say what u want.
 — percocet

what is in your soul?
 — percocet

r u out their making it?
 — percocet

do u get let down daily?
 — percocet

sry beautiful
 — percocet

he said, ' no one gives a fuck.!"
 — percocet

I would call you deer
 — percocet

I have fucked up?
 — percocet

kill me if u can.
 — percocet

these guys r bitches
 — percocet

u trying to sell drugs?
 — percocet

tight writing and interesting. as tight as a lock. my uncle, when he shot a rabbit with a .222, these people in your piece would have called him an idiot. i didn't know but thought he was just a stupid man. your piece projects a knowledge, like you were on the edge of doing and feeling. i like this a lot.
 — cadmium