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my path disturbed

i've memorized sadness
your eyes have had
a smile deserving
charming days
beautiful rains in the last year
scarce umbrellas freeze
missing the snug
warm like sweaters

15 Nov 17

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"i've memorized sadness
your eyes have had"

What a length of time in pain, this speaks of. As well as telling the story of attention, dedication and care of a friend. The way you said it is so much greater than the spelling out of my interpretation. :)

That part of the poem is almost a poem all it's own.
 — lyrycsyntyme

What if:

I’ve memorised sadness
your eyes have held;
beautiful rains
scarce umbrellas
missing the warm snug
of sweaters.
 — jenakajoffer

Although if it’s been raining, umbrellas wouldn’t be scarce. ;)
 — jenakajoffer