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Placated By Stupidity

Sold by your own compulsion, full on disgust rot & rust you've given into another indulgence.
The waste of day into another loss of light, inside the ever eluding conscience, empty as black as the night.
No trace of the bounty with none in nothingness, a face diluted & drowning. Obsession straight inside your mindlessness.
Like wax's continuious drip.
Skin melted in this mind, a fact that keeps the contortions broken inside.
The never ending shifting water...
The ever changing wind, reflections look like slaughter.                                                        
Watch your thoughts twist then bend.
Like that of the forever hath, acknowledge whats true, reality read in epitaph.
Should've taken hold,
learning from young to old.
Material fortune easily lost, a ****tard is simple, no will or character to emboss.
If thoughtlessness was piss, then your surely drinking this!
Nothing descends.
Nothing gained.
Nothing missed.
Placated by stupidity.
Dilapidated in lividity.

15 Nov 17

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There's something ironic about such a thoroughly developed poem, built with complex structure and full of advanced language, calling out to the "stupid". Could such a person as you describe decipher such a poem. Would they even bother to try? This can only conclude that the act of this piece was one of venting, not appealing. Which is probably good, because calling someone stupid probably won't win them over ; )

If venting was what you were after, it was also what was felt. At least by this reader. So you scored, there. Descriptively, verse such as "like wax's continuous drip" are potent and precise.  

The asterisks are my only discomfort with this piece. Censorship has no place in poetry. If you're going to say it, say it all the way. I'm assuming you were self-censored, but am I wrong? If so, an 8 for certain.
 — lyrycsyntyme