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English Tea Drinking Tips

Never drink it cold or weak,
too brewed, stewed steamed
or in a state of fusion.
Sip it with style and take this tip.
Don’t grip the handle,
or partake of with cake,
in the middle of a coughing fit,
it will only cause confusion.
If you accidentally swallow a tea leaf whole,
never choke over Aunt Maude’s Potpourri bowl.
Always linger while sticking out your smallest finger.
Do not spill it on your knee,
And if you really need a pee,
don’t do it in the saucer.

15 Nov 17

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Keep it clean, Larry -- Aunty Maude.
 — unknown

If Aunt Maude T's off we all go down the golf club and drink G and T's

Larry bunkum Larrk
 — larrylark