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Man Behind A Tree

Leaves stained colour of honeycomb.
Cold rain runs rivulets through bark.
Five-o-clock locked in dark monochrome.
This park, once more, becomes its own home.
Bird songs cease.
The days caprice released.
Man stood behind a tree who isn’t there,
merges with one who is.

18 Nov 17

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Some very original descriptiveness here : ) Honeycomb-colored leaves, my favorite. Beautifully announcing the dawn of winter.
 — lyrycsyntyme

Thanks for the comment lyricayntyme...Great Moniker by the way.
 — larrylark

First stanza alone is good enough, infer man without stating man and it's good right. Think this is lazy Larry, I know you dont use redundundancies like colour - line 3 is very reminiscent of stubble and bordering on threatening - a lot here to commend ... some not to commend, etc

 — unknown

Thanks for the crit Betty. I'll take the bad bits on the chin as i grope towards a more impressionistic way of observing the world around me.

Larry binocs Lark
 — larrylark