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Sometimes I switch into a dwelling mode
Searching for a purpose amongst my enemies
Every man is an artist
Some carry a heavy load
I’ll use mine to try and paint you a masterpiece
Lost in the maze of pity
I search for love in unholy places
Getting drunk with no enmity
Rather welcoming these oblivious disgraces
Peace of mind is my only desire
I am addicted
To get it I will walk through any fire
No matter where or how restricted
I need release
I am ashamed of defeat
But loneliness is a thief
It lies and cheats
Tempted, I fall into selfish shame
I carefully tread the water
Breathing becomes the most important sound
The outcome always stays the same
I drown.

19 Nov 17

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I love this poem. I feel I can relate to a lot of what you express, that I've been there in life, and other times wanted to be there even when I wasn't. Ah, the phrase "well-meaning". Whom ever came up with it was well-meaning, for sure. ; )
 — lyrycsyntyme