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Burning Heart

Where do we start?
Inside your heart
which I will cut free,
leave dangling from the bush of desire.
Has our fire caught hold?
Will the flames leap higher?
The forest might burn down
but I will still hear your voice,
While walking through embers,
kicking up ash.
Panache is but a disguise.
I remain a fragile being
who feels himself alone.
Except when i walk
in the smouldering forest,
where my home lies,
close to the heart of you.

25 Nov 17

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A read this as a tribute to sometimes destructive nature of wanting to be loved. Done with well chosen theme, and signed out with a fine, powerful metaphor.
 — lyrycsyntyme

Thanks for taking the time lyrycsyntyme

Larry ever so 'umble Lark
 — larrylark