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caution: the inevitable pull of cliche

Come darling,
let us throw caution to the wind
and run
run away from here.
Leave those petty words
hanging in the air
and your suit jacket on the chair.
Ignore all politicians and silly wars
turn our heads away from broken laws.
Neglect all rules of our roles,
add disloyalty to all protocols.
Wed all benefits to all risks,
divorce all well-respected habits.
Forward all obligations to eternity
fake a well-behaved obituary.
Come let us pour wine until overflow
and sleep all day in each other's clothes.
Feast until we distort our belts,
sing and shout until hoarse throats.
Kiss without a conditional care
remind all gods we don't care.
Make love until we fall on the floor
and then make more love
until we're sore.
Come my darling
let us throw caution to the wind,
to disintegrate
into our

No matter the maturity, we all yearn for fantasy.

14 Jan 18

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