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Not my fault

Rape is never your fault. It took me 9 years to realise that .

No this can't be happening
It was just having a few joints
In a car
With a boy i hardly knew
Oh God what did i do!?
His hand on my lap
I didn't push it away
He lent in for a kiss
It's my fault
I kissed him back
Things got heavy
Ow! Okay I don't like this
I push him away politely
That's when he came in for more
I said no but he persisted
In a panic i went for the door
No. This must be a dream
Everything going in slow motion
To hard for me to reach
No. It's not a dream
It's his strength binding my arms to my side
I know there's no way out
No-one for me to shout
I accept my fate and let it happen
A dirty slut that's all I'm known for
Forever his name branded on my body
Forever showering, scolding hot water
It was years later dealing with the heartaches
I realise it wasn't me
You're the one to blame alex

15 Jan 18

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is this real? damn..thats awful
 — unknown

Yes unfortunately it is real
 — Idontknow014

Peace. I'm sorry it happened to you.
 — Qayyum

yeah, this is pretty heavy. Rather than rate, I'll just say uber-respect for getting this into the world, and say you picked you some good ppl to share with. I'm very sorry this happened
 — sixtywatt