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Twilight Wind

You hope to sit in peace.
Car discreetly parked,
soon be dark.
Imagine the world's asleep
and what’s not been done
improves with keeping.
One leaf falls straight,
Lands on windscreen, light weight.
Robin drops on hedge close by.
Twilight sighs, daytime vacates.
The spell is broken.
Wind from nowhere,
Leaf’s blown down
Robin, alarmed, ruffled feathers,
flies away,
Hedge vibrates with rustling sound.
Some things just come out of nowhere
so they say.
It slackens,
sun’s back on horizon.
final streak of light
on a late Autumn day.
Kids play among shadows
one leaf falls straight,
lands on windscreen.
Robin drops onto hedge. .
The worlds stood still.
Darkness falls right here
Just as expected the moon appears.

18 Jan 18

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I mean l4-6 pretty classic. Bravo. The leaf motif may be heavy-handed? I dunno, play with it. There's certainly a good poem here
 — unknown

Thanks for the advice unknown.
 — larrylark