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MGM light

MGM lighting,
soft, and time glows on --
see them dance,
see them cry,
California dreaming people...
it's a take... here we go,
there we've been,
Hollywood dreams us.
night slept by,
the moon and the stars,
have all clocked out...
we're alone and
sleeping time's for keeping.
pony gal,
lets not waste
the night sleeping.

18 Jan 18

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okay, good start. But for a piece about light, personally I want some color, even if its a silver/greys (not sure of the time period), If its technicolor, give us some of that. Good launching pad
 — sixtywatt

this is a locked piece, for romantics -- for anyone who knows film lighting styles and how they're a character in the film.

for color, see my "quartet", where I try to show what synesthesia is like.

 — cadmium

Evocative piece.
 — larrylark