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Your smile

The worst moment of my life

As I watched the love of my of my life
His jet black hair
The same colour as his soul
Soon I would come to know
His enchanting sea green eyes
That would never show the lies
Them cotton soft lips
I just could never resist
The thought of it now just makes me feel sick
Butterflies exploding in my head
My heart
My stomach
Now shattered in the pit of my soul
Memories of the laughter
The love we both shared
The fun little debates
And play fights if we dared
It still makes me smile reminiscing
That is before the acid starts rising
Reminding me of what you were dismissing
While I was living my life on clouds and unicorns
You were more concerned about watching your certain type of porn
I was next door drinking wine
While taking my relaxing baths
Having my early night's
You waited for these times
You was a person I never thought you were
A sadistic prick
That doesn't deserve a dick
I now see through your creepy smile
You've made my life hell
You worthless fucking paedophile

23 Jan 18

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Hard hitting and poignant. I feel for you if this has been your own experience
 — larrylark