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The Wall

Take me beyond the wall.
Through rain and shine hear them moaning,
Trapped far and wide, i roam the other side.
hide my face among open spaces,
dragging my laces through listless heat.
A breeze eases over, bending grass,
evokes the sounds of summer crawling past.
Now I am back by the wall.
Top too high. Foundations buried far from light.
Once more I loosen cement.
Try to prise one tightly fitted brick.
My methods are ridiculous.
I should have worked in less fickle ways,
but they have stayed beyond me.
There has been no real progress.
The restless moaning continues
“Help us.” They seem to say.
“We are running out of time
and have been much maligned.”
I lay down where swaying grasses brush the wall.
Some-one calls my name.
fallen leaves are flushed towards a bulwark.
Its sides are steep. I fall asleep.
Far away lightening brightens the sky.
Thunder rumbles and then rolls on by.

30 Jan 18

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