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on tuesdays,
i am sisyphus pushing hours instead of stones
the softness of routine has yet to creep in and the
harsh strands of weekend have not yet departed
i spend the day under covers,
coffee barely keeping body and soul together
at night, my shadow falls upon itself again and again
boy magnified to monolith against the night and neon,
ears warm with sound, cars far away push against steady footsteps
cheeks ruddy, no hat, gloves forgotten in pockets
on a tuesday, my father and i go to the movies
movies are half off so the theater is always crowded,
crowded because everyone has the same idea that we do
we do it anyway;
fresh popcorn pairs perfectly with blood on screens, m&ms with love scenes
by now, the ticket boy knows our names
he shows us to seats that don’t squeak in less sticky aisles
i imagine he hates tuesdays too,
ive been dumped only on tuesdays,
tuesdays lack good primetime television,
I have an 8 am on tuesdays,
and there’s always a line at the waffle maker,
and on tuesdays the slumber sinks further into my eyes,
on tuesdays my head seems a little bit heavier and the static fills my ears
on tuesdays, I want to be awake a little less,
(every death i have almost completed has occurred on a tuesday)
it occurred to me recently that i’m only really alive to see if infinity war is good or bad
i have a feeling it will be bad
my father and i will go to the half off show
he will like it, i will be disappointed
he will be able to tell that i am disappointed
later I will think of the ticket boy,
his eyes are heavy too
I wonder if, like me, he does not go home,
I wonder if he cannot bear to exist within four walls,  
I wonder if his problems and mine are synonyms
the same cold wind against us,
two battered boys chasing our shadows
cars still go but the footsteps stop
lead brows raise and syrup eyes blink,
clock screams:
go home, it’s late, you’re drunk.
tuck yourself into bed.
get some rest.

12 Feb 18

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