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Reality is Ill-defined
Which one is real
Is it yours or is it mine
Some are filled with family
others filled with crime
But all are filled with death
And with people who hate to die
So, which is reality
Is it the one lived by a mime
Who for a day of silence
Is awarded with a bag of dimes
Is it the actor
Who’s every word is planned
Who is guided by emotions
And masquarades as a different man
Or is it in fact the doctor
Who sees us at our weakest
Mortality is real
He explains it to our meekest
Or is it the soldier
Who sees us as we die
Seperated by miles and two pieces of glass pressed against his eye
Or is it instead the dancer
Who cannot completely touch the floor
Always gliding over lava
As her feet just asks for more

17 Feb 18

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