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My Past Lovers

You make me want to kill myself.
               The way you never respond
                    Like I never existed.
                         It is criminal.
           I held emotions for you for so long
      And you treat me this way since I let you in.
Since I surrendered to your antagonizing persistence
    I told you I was tree that could no longer bloom.
              I told you I was an unstable storm.
                But it’s happening all over again.
                         You’re leaving me.
                 Running away like I’m poison
        You grew bored of the staleness in the air.
Even though I warned you of the war inside my head
    About the constant abyss awaiting to swallow me
               About the days I could not function
                  About my fears of wasted time
                    You extracted all that I was.
            You swore you’d fix me if I let you in.
Now I indulge myself on antidotes that don't cure me
                           You said you cared.
                         Turned me into a lush.
             Exacerbated the process of my demise.
  Making sure I never surface the hole you dug for me.

8 Mar 18

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