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when i was

[ alap ]
where were you!! -- parent talk;
where were you when i needed you? -- ask back,
after all these years. ask friends, parents, teachers.
obey them: be grateful we're your friend. be grateful we
let you shop in our art store, go to our college, eat our food.
[ ghat ]
when you told me,
after i hated you -- i didn't hate you,
when you told me.
when you slapped me,
i was your child -- i wasn't yours,
when you slapped my face.
you said, dear friend whom i admired,
that i'd be better if i smoked dope --
you said so, but i didn't hear it, but
i intuited that you meant i'd stop
crushing on you.
when i was an astronaut,
you pulled the plug -- i couldn't breathe,
you cut my air.
when i was a ghost,
you sometimes shivered -- i didn't want
to frighten you, just say hello.

11 Apr 18

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