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after a certain black rainbow
cresotes an angel... it forever exists
in mountains, arc and edge, it is intricate to crystals:
form and wish calcified...
life and dream and boy and girl.
i mean, love is real.
after a certain moon... which means
life likes motion, stars and black snakes
arc like seas...
the heavens break,
fat men bleed;
the virgin dies;
memory erects.
flash to a village built of ashes. passionate men,
eager boys, presumptuous women....
children with sticks move
knight to queen's rook four. totem hive,
totem pole. i mean, time implodes and what i
see is now and now.
after a certain exploding nuclear,
all the imperfections hated by man are
mollified: atoms to atom, stupid man to
woman; boy to

24 Apr 18

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https://po etryandpoet.blog/2018/04/24/after-2/
 — cadmium

after another moon everything is different
 — percocet

I insert my penis in you as your mother in law
 — percocet

u still think that the people that are given everything have it better... u have no idea.
 — percocet

after a certain fuck u, means u get fucked.
 — percocet

yes, the moon is there to show that change is real and that small-minded opinions and fears are just a hang up. thanks for moving over.
 — cadmium