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Where She Lies

Dandelion burned – back to the ocean’s
great apron. Overwhelmed she bowed in
plumes bottom-wards. Smoke and sand consumed
her form. Silver spores cast tribute a-
cross the roaring boards 'til silence wrapped
her. An appetising heap. The weeds
raged. Lone spine among the wanting. Founder –
encroached by leggy creatures. Bare-boned
vassal. Plucked in timely currents. Wide-
barred cage bode feathered beaks to reign
pommels on the bed-rise. Artifacts.
Absolute black. A frozen stroke of
charged hands. A derelict bulb. Run-out course.
Unyielding socket. Salt burial
Mount. The old girl is but wreckage now
insignificant bump in the sea.

3 May 18

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kick-ass poem.  damn good.
 — JKWeb

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